To bring this new program to life, we’ve partnered with Vitality, the global leader in integrating wellness rewards with life insurance products. Vitalitycollaborates with organizations around the world to create interactive, personalized programs. Vitality’s online tools help millions of members identify and track their health and lifestyle goals, and their Vitality Institute offers insightful resources and research on health and well-being.

Vitality’s approach to wellness is premised on proven scientific and behavioral economic theories: Rewarding people for improving their health incentivizes them to sustain changes to their lifestyle in the short and long term. Vitality’s Intelligent Incentives™ program creates tangible ways of measuring members’ health progress and inspiring them to do more, using strategies developed and refined by actuaries informed by 180 million months of member data.

According to Vitality, research shows that their members do have better health outcomes. In other countries where Vitality has operated, engaged members experience the following advantages compared with nonmembers:

  • 10% lower hospital admission rates*
  • 25% shorter length of stay in hospitals*
  • 14% lower hospital costs per patient*

By offering the John Hancock Vitality program, we believe our customers can achieve healthier lives, too.

To learn more about life insurance products with the John Hancock Vitality Program, talk to your advisor or contact John Hancock. Availability of the program varies by state.

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*Source: Deepak N. Patel, Estelle V. Lambert, Roseanne da Silva, Mike Greyling, Craig Nossel, Adam Noach, Wayne Derman, and Thomas Gaziano. “The Association Between Medical Costs and Participation in the Vitality Health Promotion Program Among 948,974 Members of a South African Health Insurance Company.” American Journal of Health Promotion: January 2010, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 199-204.